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"... Before selecting the JetPCL product we evaluated a number of similar solutions. The JetPCL software was a clear leader due to its precision of document conversion, speed of operation and not forgetting value for money. "
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Cliff Warrington - Operations Director
Micro Peripherals Ltd.
Accrington, Lancs, United Kingdom

JetPCL® Produkt & Support News

Die JetPCL Produkte werden laufend gewartet und mit neuen Funktionen auf den neuesten Stand gebracht. Hier ist eine Liste der neuesten Versionen und Wartungsversionen.

JetPCL integrated into new release of Millennial Vision Inc.'s DCS v2.4

MVi's enhanced DCS v2.4 provides financial institutions with faster, more streamlined loan processing, and the ability to have electronic document images appear exactly as they would when printed on a HP LaserJet (PCL) printer.

SALT LAKE CITY - May 21, 2009 - Millennial Vision Inc. (MVi), a national reseller of Laserfiche document management solutions and provider of paperless technologies to financial institutions, released the latest version of its Document Capture System (DCS) v2.4-a solution allowing users to capture print documents electronically and become paperless.

MVi's newest version of DCS allows users to digitally capture their documents-including Membership Cards, Loan Documents and most other Windows or Unix PCL printable documents, add electronic signatures and other required annotations, and automatically store them into their document management archival system, creating a seamless process for the user.

MVi's DCS product also provides financial institutions with remote signature capability between branch offices so the loan process can be completed faster, helping reduce the account holder's wait time.

DCS v2.4 is significant because MVi has partnered with Tech Know Systems - a leading provider of PCL (Printer Control Language) emulation software for the electronic document delivery industry - to integrate its JetPCL® technology into DCS v2.4.

The JetPCL component enhances MVi's DCS product by automatically handling the PCL conversion, providing the user with a straight-through-process. DCS v2.4 now has greater processing capabilities, including improved accuracy, higher-quality images, and faster speed.

The enhanced accuracy of DCS v2.4 is important to financial institutions that require loan and other pertinent documents to appear exactly as they would when printed on an HP LaserJet (PCL) printer.

"Our goal is to provide financial institutions with the best products possible," says Bill Poulter, President of MVi. "We feel that our DCS v2.4 release provides users with greater capabilities, allowing them to streamline their processes and become more efficient. We look forward to our new partnership with Tech Know Systems and feel that their JetPCL technology has played an important role in helping us improve our DCS product."

Full Press Release
Millennial Vision Inc. (MVi), provider of paperless technologies to financial institutions

JetPCL .NET Managed Code API

NEU - Tech Know Systems, Inc. kündigt das neue "JetPCL .NET Managed Code API" an. Dieses JetPCL DLL API kann mühelos in Microsoft .NET Framework Managed Code Applikationen integriert werden. Mit dem neuen API kann JetPCL mit jeglicher .NET Programmiersprache, einschließlich Visual C# und Visual Basic, verwendet werden. Auch wenn das JetPCL DLL Format eine native Windows Komplilation ist, liefert das Managed Code Interface ein bedienerfreundliches API zur Integration des stabilen, im Einsatz erprobten JetPCL Object Codes, welcher schon seit den frühen neunziger Jahren benutzt wird. Wie alle anderen Standard Windowssystem DLLs wird auch die JetPCL Win32 DLL innerhalb der .NET Framework Plattform als "unmanaged" Code angesehen und ist wie auch diese DLLs in einer Standard C Programmiersprache programmiert. Mit dieser Methode können wir den Softwareentwicklern das schnellste und leistungsfähigste Produkt anbieten, aber die Integration trotzdem einfach gestalten. Eine komplette technische Beschreibung des JetPCL for .NET API mit einigen einfachen Beispielen zur Verwendung des APIs mit den Visual Basic und Visual C# Programmiersprachen ist für Softwareentwickler erhältlich. Nehmen Sie bitte für weitere Details Kontakt mit uns auf.

Windows Win64 Plattformen

NEU - Tech Know Systems, Inc unterstützt nun auch Windows Win64 Plattformen. Unsere JetPCL DLL und EXE Formate in Verbindung mit den "JetPCL Enterprise Server", "JetPCL Service Provider" und "JetPCL Software Developer" Produkten sind nun im Win64 Format zur Verwendung auf Windows x64 Plattformen erhältlich. Auch gibt es ein neues "JetPCL .NET Managed code API" für Win64 Plattformen. Weitere JetPCL Produkte werden voraussichtlich Ende dieses Jahres Win64 unterstützen. Die derzeitige JetPCL Win32 Version läuft problemlos auf den Win64 Plattformen. Sollten Sie dieses Produkt einsetzen und auf JetPCL für Win64 umsteigen wollen so bitten wir Sie, sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen. Wir können dann weitere Details mit Ihnen besprechen. Erste Testergebnisse zeigten eine 10-20 prozentige Erhöhung der Verarbeitungsgeschwindigkeit wenn das Win64 Programm auf einer Win64 Plattform verwendet wurde, verglichen mit dem Win32 Programm auf einer Win64 Plattform.

JetPCL v9.50        06/08/2007Major Release

  • Upgrade to UFST v4.60 with Microtype data files.
  • Support for double byte downloaded PCL softfonts has been added.
  • Added feature to specify conversion start and end pages.
  • Added FaxZoom 216 dpi mode to limit Fax shrinkage during printing.
  • Added PrintableArea feature to limit shrinkage during TIFF image printing.
  • Added TIFF DocumentName and ImageDescription tags to output.
  • Added feature to skip a first blank page if using –g embedded data switch.
  • Added MacroForms feature to enable image based macro forms files.
  • Added more PCL file breakup options for breaking on reset commands.
  • Added support for expanding environment variables within paths.
  • Added a 300 dpi fax mode that produces 324 byte scanlines.
  • Enabled Chinese support using symbol set 18C and GB encoding.
  • Added FileInsert feature using -jInsert:opt switch.
  • h- Added JetPCL MultiThread DLL API to support multithreaded applications.
  • Added Base64 output encoding option to all image output formats.

JetPCL v9.07        05/02/2006

  • Changed to support unlimited secondary CFG file sizes.

JetPCL v9.06        10/12/2005

  • Changed PDF option Sub=All; setting to do its font substitution better.
  • Changed -jBreakup to recognize when the page size needs to be set.

JetPCL v9.05        04/08/2005

  • Added changes to make default native PDF conversion much faster.
  • Changed PDF code to have more accurate image data placement.
  • Added support for the old VSIFAX 'fax' file format using -Igp3:VsiFax;.

JetPCL v9.04        06/21/2004

  • Added -Opdf:Rect=Native; to handle PCL rectangles using native PDF code.
  • Added -Opdf:Sort; setting for enabling the sorting of PDF text on the page.
  • Added image rotation using 'RotateImage' for BMP, PCX, DCX, TIF, PDF.
  • Added -Opdf:FontSub=Sim, Res or All; for more native PDF options.
  • Added -Ipcl:NoSkip; option to disable PCL Perforation Skip.

JetPCL v9.03        05/22/2004

  • Added -Ipcl:Duplex; option to enable PCL Duplex support.
  • Added PDF Deflate data compression.

JetPCL v9.00      10/27/2003Major Release 

  • Added -d200:Fax; or -d200:Doc; switches for accurate non-fax page sizes.
  • Added -Igp4 Group 4 data as input (as well as Group 4 TIFF files).
  • Added -Otxt and -text:opt; as text extraction options.
  • Added -jInfo:opt; switch to specify PDF Info Dictionary insertions.
  • Added -sShift:opt; and -sClip:opt; to either shift or clip the final image.
  • Added symset path and symset options to support downloaded symbol sets.
  • Added support for 600 dpi output using -d600 now.
  • Added more PCL compression methods using Adaptive and DeltaRow.
  • Added more accurate resident shade patterns (with access to the old ones).
  • Added support for Motorola byte order TIFF files.
  • Added support for PDF files with thumbnails and auto rotated landscape pages.
  • Added support for time stamp tags in TIFF and PDF files.
  • Added support for breaking up input files using new -jBreakup:opt switch.
  • Added support for building up from input files using new -jBuildup:opt switch.
  • Added support for Text Extraction from PCL files using -text:opt features.
  • Added support for PDF output with selectable and searchable text.

JetPCL v8.16        05/27/2003

  • Added change to make our PDF output print within the printable area better.

JetPCL v8.15        03/14/2003

  • Added Euro support for 9J and 4U symbol sets.

JetPCL v8.14        03/04/2003

  • Added sym set support for 9J (it is similar to 19U).
  • Added code to recognize pattern data that had NUL's changed to SP.
  • Added code to handle bad symbol set commands gracefully.

JetPCL v8.12        07/03/2002

  • Added support for the Huffman TIFF compression.
  • Added support for multi-strip TIFF images as input data.

JetPCL v8.11        06/10/2002

  • Added -Pd switch for darker patterns by ORing lines when doing scaling.
  • Added -Ps switch for scaling patterns (it is ON by default, use -Pn for OFF).

JetPCL v8.10        04/17/2002

  • Added -Sr softfont option for "Open RdOnly any Autoloaded SFT files".
  • Added support for OTIF reverse bit order GP4 compression using -H4- switch.

JetPCL v8.09        02/20/2002

  • Added support for the Euro symbol using one of 4 solutions methods.

JetPCL v8.06        11/10/2001

  • Added new JetPCLProcessVB() DLL API for interfacing Visual Basic.

JetPCL v8.05        10/09/2001

  • Added support for Greek symbol set 10G.

JetPCL v8.02        05/05/2001

  • Official release of JetPCL Retail product for Win32 and UNIX.

JetPCL v8.00       12/20/2000Major Release 

  • Added support for PDF output (image data only no selectable text).
  • Added support for GP4 output (MMR) (including -Otif -H4 and -Opdf -H4).
  • Added output resolution switch using -d200 or -d300 only.
  • Added support for allowing selection of PCL fonts from HPGL2 code.
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