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IT Dokument Mgmt. Server PCL in PDF/TIFF Konvertierung

Teilt eine PCL Datei in eine Anzahl von kleineren PCL Dateien auf.
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"JetPCL has been great. It just works! In all the time we've been using it, we've never had a problem with JetPCL."
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Jim Kaufeld - Senior Director
Easylink Message Services Development
Piscataway, NJ, USA


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"We've been using JetPCL from Tech Know Systems for about 6 years as part of our basic fax services platform; it's our sole mechanism for converting PCL files and attachments to fax-compatible image files. Our system is totally automated; the software we use must be 100% reliable, produce consistent and accurate results, and meet our customer's demanding standards for image quality. One of the real challenges for us, as a service provider, is to have the ability to take whatever we get and make just make it work -- that's tricky to do when you have more than 500,000 customers who send in files that need to be converted to fax-compatible images.

JetPCL has been great. It just works! In all the time we've been using it, we've never had a problem with JetPCL. Occasionally a customer sends us a file that JetPCL can't understand; when that happens JetPCL does just what we want it to do -- it dumps an information diagnostic message into our log files which automatically alerts us to the issue. We can immediately get back to the customer that send us the problem PCL file and work with the customer to fix their problem. At the same time, we can also pass the problem to Tech Know Systems for their advice which usually means helping us diagnose our customer's problem or make changes to JetPCL if needed! In fact, Tech Know Systems has always been extremely responsive to these "customer" specific issues and have always diagnosed the problem within hours. What is even more satisfying is that they take the lead in resolving the problem -- to the extreme that they will work with the vendor of the software that produced the problem file and get them to fix the problem when that is appropriate.

In all the time we've been using this software -- for more than 5 years -- we've never had a problem which turned out to be a JetPCL problem and we've never had a problem where Tech Know Systems didn't help us find a solution."
Jim Kaufeld - Senior Director
Easylink Message Services Development
Piscataway, NJ, USA
"We've been working with Tech Know Systems for a long time and they've always been very responsive. Their product JetPCL is very flexible and has many options to change its behavior in order to adapt to unexpected situations. Almost nothing is hard-coded: I have been managing a development team for 8 years and I can tell this is a proof of quality and good design and shows a very good comprehension of the business."
Stephane Lichtenberger - Software Team Leader
Esker Software - Extending the Reach of Information
Lyon, France
"FaxCore uses JetPCL to convert LaserJet PCL content into fax ready images. Fast and accurate rendering is critical to the success of our product. Using JetPCL allowed us to transparently support PCL with very little integration effort. Tech Know Systems tech support helped us get started by creating a set of quick programming tasks needed to integrate the JetPCL product. With sample code fragments and a simple/limited set of distribution files, we were up and running within a few days. Given the complexity of PCL rendering, this was a major accomplishment.

Over the last few years, we have been able to add new PCL capabilities. These include font mapping, customized cover sheets, and image overlay processing. JetPCL is without doubt the fastest and most reliable rendering engine in our product. Tech Know Systems tech support adds confidence to our ability to deploy PCL integrated solutions. JetPCL has saved us time, money, and added a new dimension to our product."
Director of Product Development
FaxCore Corp.
San Diego, CA, USA
"English language:
JetPCL is an essential part of our fax server products. It is used to convert user supplied PCL documents from all kinds of sources into fax image files. Since we integrated it into our software package in 1993, it has always satisfied our customers and us.

The images rendered by JetPCL are highly accurate. When a customer does not get the results he expects, the first thing we do is to send his PCL files to a HP printer, just to show that JetPCL and the printer produce the same image.
In the rare cases where we cannot solve a problem on our own, the support given by Tech Know Systems is impeccable. Questions are answered immediately and, if necessary, a new version of JetPCL is shipped within a couple of days.

At the request of our customers we have to process other input file formats then PCL. Comparing JetPCL with other solutions we use to render Postscript or PDF into fax images, JetPCL is the easiest to install, offers the most powerful means for error analysis and works by far faster than anything else.

German language:
JetPCL ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil unserer Faxserver-Produkte. Es wird benutzt, um die aus unterschiedlichsten Quellen stammenden PCL-Dokumente unserer Benutzer für den Faxversand in Bilddateien zu konvertieren. Seit wir es im Jahr 1993 in unser Software-Paket integriert haben, hat es immer zur Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden wie zu unserer eigenen Zufriedenheit funktioniert.

Die von JetPCL gerenderten Bilder sind sehr akkurat. Wenn einer unserer Kunden nicht die erwarteten Resultate erzielt, ist das erste, was wir tun, seine PCL-Dateien auf einen HP-Drucker zu schicken, um zu zeigen, dass das JetPCL und Drucker die gleichen Abbildungen erzeugen.

In den wenigen Fällen, wo wir ein Problem nicht selbst lösen können, ist der von Tech Know Systems geleistete Support nicht zu beanstanden. Fragen werden sofort beantwortet und, falls nötig, wird eine neue Version von JetPCL innerhalb weniger Tage geliefert.
Auf Wunsch unserer Kunden müssen wir auch andere Eingangs-Dateiformate als PCL verarbeiten. Im Vergleich mit anderen Lösungen zur Konvertierung von Postscript oder PDF in Bilddaten ist JetPCL am einfachsten zu installieren, bietet die leistungsfähigsten Mittel zur Fehleranalyse und arbeitet mit Abstand am schnellsten."
Thomas Schwarzer - Product Support Manager
Ferrari Electronic, AG
Teltow, Germany
"In reviewing our internal survey of vendors used by Total Personal Services (TPS) I noticed that for the third year in a row my IT department has ranked you among the top three vendors that they have dealt with. When asked why they have ranked your software (JETPCL) so highly they explained that besides its ease of use when incorporating it into our apps, the support that you provide is tops in their books. Although other software products work quite well, my IT staff has repeatedly explained that without support, what good is a product? Apparently when contacted by email or telephone you have provided accurate answers to their questions and have not given them the “guess an answer” solution. And best of all, you can (and have) provide customization of the JETPCL product when the solution to our app is beyond JETPCL’s original design.

In closing, keep up the good work, my IT staff will be watching."
NancyAnn Akeson - President
Total Personal Services Administrative Group, LLC
Garden City, NY, USA
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"We are very pleased with the quality of JetPCL PCL emulation. Our tests show JetPCL performing very well with regard to speed and image fidelity. We are also very happy with the quick response we get from the technical support at Tech Know Systems. When we report a problem, we usually get results within just a few days."
Tim Boemker - Senior Software Engineer
eLynx, Ltd.
Cincinnati, OH, USA
"Thank you for your speedy delivery of the JetPCL software. This has now allowed us to move our printing solution forward using a common base which has enabled Micro-P to deliver business documents, such as Invoices, Credit Notes, Customer Statements, Sales Quotations and Purchase Orders which can the be Printed, Faxed or Emailed. This has been achieved in a short time frame due to the easy configuration of the software and the impressive performance of the PCL to PDF conversion software. The support offered by Tech Know Systems has been superb with any questions answered quickly and efficiently with great results.

Before selecting the JetPCL product we evaluated a number of similar solutions. The JetPCL software was a clear leader due to its precision of document conversion, speed of operation and not forgetting value for money."
Cliff Warrington - Operations Director
Micro Peripherals Ltd.
Accrington, Lancs, United Kingdom
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"I would like to let you know that your product, JetPCL has been the answer to an ongoing problem we have been trying to solve at PCS. Over the years we have developed many applications that have printed to LaserJet printers using macro overlays. In the past, supplying our customers with reports in PDF had been a problem. We have tried other applications which have given us less than desirable results. Your product worked as advertised right out of the box, and the way your application handles macro overlays is to be commended. The documentation provided was clear and concise, which allowed us to install and integrate JetPCL into out existing systems with a minimum of problems.

Also I would like to thank you for all of the truly stellar support you have given us, both during out evaluation of your product, and after purchase. You have been very quick to respond, and your explanations of how your product functions, has been a great help to us.

I would not hesitate in recommending JetPCL to anyone who has a need to convert documents into PDF based on the ease of use and the outstanding support. Thank you!"
Mark Keck - AS/400 Computer Programmer
Pacific Computer Systems
Huntington Beach, CA, USA
"Steel Industries Inc. requires the software our business uses to operate at 100% reliability. Tech Know Systems' JetPCL product was exactly what we were looking for! JetPCL is a mature, robust package that is simple to use. After 10 years of evaluating and purchasing hardware, software and services, I can say that Tech Know Systems has been the best vendor I have ever worked with. I'm being very honest in my testimonial. It has been a real pleasure working with you."
Jack Gershon - System Administrator
Steel Industries Inc.
Detroit, MI, USA
"JetPCL's reliability and flexibility has put it at the heart of our image processing system. We regularly turn to it first in developing solutions for business problems. Not only are we impressed by the quality of the product itself, we've also been impressed by the knowledgeable and timely technical support by the company.

As one of the world's leading employee benefits providers, Unum helps protect more than 25 million working people and their families in the event of illness or injury. The company uses JetPCL in a Windows-based batch image-processing system, converting PCL to TIFF and PDF files more than 60,000 times each weekday. Called as an executable running in the larger batch process space, JetPCL has proven reliable and easy to use. The product’s used to provide documents in a variety of formats and configurations, all on the fly using a robust command line interface. We just churn through documents 24/7 and we never have a problem with JetPCL."
Jim McFadden - Systems Analyst
Unum Group
Chattanooga, TN, USA
"We are using JetPCL to deliver PCL documents created by mainframe applications in our agents Website as PDF documents. In almost four years of use we never have had a problem with JetPCL! We sincerely think that this is a very robust and reliable software product. But also as important, it is flexible and easy to use.

I would like to thank Tech Know Systems for all the support that we have received and I would strongly recommend using JetPCL!"
Miguel Pinto - Software Development Team Manager Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade Mundial
Lisboa, Portugal
"We have been using JetPCL to convert PCL printer streams to TIFF images within our Silhouette, Streamline and ArgoKeys products since 2001. During that time we have found the product and the company to be everything we hoped for and needed for this process.

We have been particularly impressed with the superior level of support provided by Tech Know Systems. We have not only asked the more “standard” questions but have posed some rather unique problems having to do with our processes. Their responses to our questions and problems have always been prompt, complete, and accurate.

It’s a pleasure to do business with Tech Know Systems."
Darrell Sligar - Business Analyst, Imaging Solutions
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
Monett, MO, USA
"I would like to take a minute to compliment you on JetPCL. We originally purchased the product to convert PCL output to 200 dpi TIFF images for recording at various state and county governments. However, due to project demands and customer requests to email documents directly to them, we put the PCL to TIFF project on hold and focused on converting PCL output to PDF for emailing. JetPCL allowed us to automate the entire process. Now, with one click of a button our customers can get what they want. Tech Know Systems support is first class and we at Trustee Services look forward to a long and valued relationship."
Alan Mazuti – Systems Engineer
Trustee Services, Inc.
Silverdale, WA, USA
"As a small German company in the document output management market, we provide our customers with high quality software solutions for document management and especially printout, based on the PCL printer language. Several of our software modules allow the new design of printable documents. One of these modules gives our customers the ability to manage their electronic forms. JetPCL is integrated into this as the one and only tool used to visualize the appearance of the resulting form. No paper is wasted to see what the printer will print.

Another software module that uses JetPCL is the configuration tool. This is also used for bringing print data into a new shape. Having a preview ability is a must in this tool and because, later in the process, PCL is produced by our software on the server, it has to be a PCL preview. We found JetPCL to be the software with the best value for the money. It is fast and reliable.

A third module runs on Linux servers. Here JetPCL is used for high quality PDF output of documents that shall not only be printed out, but archived too. With its remarkable conversion speed and the output of searchable and selectable PDF text, JetPCL for Linux has been our choice.

Our company can look back on a successful six year partnership with TechKnowSystems! In all these years we only had minor problems with JetPCL, and these always turned out to be caused by bad PCL data. With the help of Tech Know Systems, as soon as the PCL was cleaned up, JetPCL worked correct again."
Lutz Rentel - Softwareentwicklung
Software Development Department
PROUT Software gmbH
Darmstadt, Germany
"The University of Minnesota has been using JetPCL for several years to convert PeopleSoft PCL report files into TIFF files for import into our ImageNow document management system. This is an automated process running on UNIX Solaris 10 servers, and has a number of moving parts. JetPCL has proved to be the most reliable part of the whole process. We have not had a problem with our JetPCL conversion process since it went into production."
Dan Wagner - Product Manager
Enterprise Financial Systems Project
University of Minnesota, USA
"The University of California at San Francisco has been using JetPCL internally on Windows 2003 servers. We use JetPCL to make communications invoices available to our users. We have never had a problem with JetPCL yet, but we are glad to know Tech Know Systems is available to provide quick to answers to our technical questions. We chose JetPCL for the accuracy of imaging and its reliability."
Robert C. Blair
Office of Academic and Administrative Information Systems
University of California, San Francisco, USA
"Steel Industries has been using JetPCL for its internal processing to merge forms (complete with graphic images that may include signatures) with data. This output may be laser printed, faxed, or utilize JetPCL's ability to create PDF files which are then emailed as attachments. We have had no problems with JetPCL at all. We never had to call Tech Know Systems for support, as JetPCL is easy to use and has always provided accurate documentation and a reliable solution for our document imaging needs. I hope that these statements are included on your testimonials page, as they are indeed factual!"
Chuck Sakach - Programmer/Analyst
Steel Industries Inc.
Redford, MI, USA
"We are successfully using JetPCL Print Filter in our Terminal Server environment. The JetPCL Print Filter has provided the ideal solution for our needs. We have over 100 users that print from SAP, the primary application used on our Terminal Server. Our users employ a large variety of printers, many of which are not supported by SAP. Because there are so many different printer models and SAP only supports printing on a small variety of them we needed a software solution that is independent of the printer. JetPCL does just what we need. We no longer have to be concerned with specific printers used by our clients. The support team at Tech Know Systems has been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs. The team took the time to work closely with us in order to customize their product and ensure it satisfied our specific requirements."
Steve Downie – Systems Engineer
Conair Corporation
East Windsor, NJ, USA
"I just wanted to let you know that I installed JetPCL on my 64 bit Windows Vista machine today and it worked great! I played around with the conversion of PCL to TIFF and to TXT files I also played with the TEXT extraction as well as the PCL Breakup features. Everything seemed to work perfectly!"
Chris Copenhaver – Software Engineer
Fidelity Information Services, Inc.
Birmingham, AL, USA
"We now have a feature in our Agate III product to archive Agate generated reports as PDF documents using JetPCL along with scanned images within our database. For Agate reports, JetPCL enables a way to save electronically, rather than hard copy, month end and other periodic reports that provide 'snap shot in time' reports that can not be reproduced later from the database as the transactional activity of database tables has evolved past that point in time. This is an important feature for us. Adding report archiving to Agate III has already started to increased product sales.

Throughout Agate III we have an option to preview reports on the screen using JetPCL. For example, if a General Ledger journal entry detail report has a report associated with it, such as a an AP invoice or an Agate generated AR invoice, the user can double click the line and immediately view the image using Acrobat Reader. This tight coupling of transactional data to document archiving is what differentiates Agate III from traditional, standalone document archiving solutions."
Steve Sandness - President
Agate Partners
Eden Prairie, MN, USA
"Our company has been using JetPCL for internal processing of insurance documents to convert PCL printouts into PDF image files for archiving in our document management system. We use JetPCL on Solaris 8. We transport our old insurance contracts (250,000) from our old BS2000-Host over a Relient-Unix Server to a Solaris Server to convert the PCL stream to a PDF file using JetPCL. Then we transport it to our document management server for archiving.
Now the system runs fully automatic and JetPCL works perfectly. It does a great job! We have had very few problems with JetPCL and when we do need help (with setup or PCL questions), Tech Know Systems is very quick to respond and provide help."
Markus Mistelbacher - Informationssysteme
Niederösterreichische Versicherung AG
Neue Herrengasse, Austria
"STR Software partners with Tech Know Systems to offer clients of our AventX product the advantage of emailing PDF documents generated by their in-house applications. By integrating directly with JetPCL and recommending our customers use JetPCL Enterprise Server when needed, our customers get the solution they need with rock solid reliability. Partnering with Tech Know Systems and JetPCL has been a win-win situation for all companies involved. Customers using AventX and JetPCL include the AMC Theaters, the City of Lansing Michigan, various Colorado School Districts, and others."
"FaxAgent uses JetPCL to convert LaserJet PCL content into fax ready images. Fast and accurate rendering is critical to the success of our product. Using JetPCL allowed us to transparently support PCL with very little integration effort. Tech Know Systems technical support helped us get started by creating a set of quick programming tasks needed to integrate the JetPCL product. With sample code fragments and a simple/limited set of distribution files, we were up and running within a few days. Given the complexity of PCL rendering, this was a major accomplishment.

Over the last few years, we have been able to add new PCL capabilities. These include font mapping, customized cover sheets, and image overlay processing. JetPCL is without doubt the fastest and most reliable rendering engine in our product. Tech Know Systems tech support adds confidence to our ability to deploy PCL integrated solutions. JetPCL has saved us time, money, and added a new dimension to our product."
Nick Basil - Director of Product Development
Axacore, Inc.
San Diego, CA, USA
"Tech Know Systems support:

Thank you so much for getting our customer a solution so quickly. I tested it out and it is spot on perfect. I totally understand that debugging efforts take time. For me personally I hate it when people ask me for time estimates. I've been developing
software for nearly 20 years, and I still feel uncomfortable when I'm asked when I'll be finished with a project. I hope you did not feel I was putting you under pressure. I just had some folks over here asking questions about when a solution would be available.

We are very pleased with your level of service. Your product and the support you provide is 100 times better than the PCL conversion supplier we were using!"
Dave Hale - Senior Programmer
Millennial Vision, Inc
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
"When developing our DynamicPaper product to allow Unibasic and dL4 language developers to print forms and convert to PDF on the fly for document storage, web download or emailing ... we reviewed and tested plenty of products. We needed something that would run on Windows, Linux and Unix environments and convert PCL to PDF flawlessly. We found most products did not function as advertised and failed to handle more complex forms. JetPCL was the only product that passed the product testing phase. Since then we have been pleased with the performance of the product, its capabilities and the support provided by Tech Know Systems."
Joel Grotzinger - DynamicPaper Product Manager
Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
"My job here would appear to be mostly done now. I have enabled our laptop computers to receive print jobs from our mainframe computer through their aircard and, utilizing JetPCL to translate the PCL print job, have the job print properly on their portable Canon IP90 printer while they are working in the field. I’m grateful that I found your product, JetPCL Document Capture, to handle the PCL translation. The procedure seems to be working well now and I am passing this off to our application developers for further testing of our production forms and the forms which are still in development. But I have tested roughly a dozen forms so far and they are working well on the Canon printers through JetPCL with no modification. We couldn’t have asked for more! I greatly appreciate all of the assistance you have provided, back in 2008 and recently."
Bart Wallace - Information Support Specialist
Tennessee Department of Revenue
Nashville, TN, USA
"Systems Alternatives International chose to integrate JetPCL with our Commercial Recycling Enterprise System (CRES) and our IMPACT Mill Commodity Procurement Software to enable paperless emailing of reports and documents. JetPCL is working perfect for our needs. Integration through Dynamic Paper was easy and working with Tech Know Systems has been very professional."
Paul Trestan - VP of Technology
Systems Alternatives International, LLC
Maumee, Ohio, USA
"Havas Worldwide (formerly Euro RSCG) is a global leader in digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and corporate communications with offices around the world.

When we first got PDF's in English into our system we were so excited. We were using another product at that time. But then when it came time to roll the application out to Asia and I saw that the system we had before would only support western characters. Perhaps it was naive of me, I now realize the Asian characters were not going to be displayed correctly. So all of the "groovy" benefits of the system just disappeared. It was so disappointing!

Now that I we found JetPCL this is all resolved. I am upgrading all our Asian sites. With the help of TKS and the application vendor, the reports generated are getting converted to PDF with all the Asian characters just like they print. It is the icing on the cake!

Both the China (Shanghai) office and Japan (Tokyo) office love this. They are now able to easily reprint old vouchers from the system in PDF and email them. Before they could never do this. They had to go and get the printed invoice, scan it and then email it (because it had to be in the local language)! In our China office they are dealing with more than 2000 vouchers per month, so using JetPCL is very significant. Now the vouchers are all stored in PDF format on the system in perfect Chinese so reprints and emails are easy.

I also love it. I am based in Sydney and it makes it so much quicker and easier to support issues when they can just email me a PDF of the report!

We will be rolling out at least 2 more countries next year that will require this. One more in China, another in Jakarta and possibly Korea too. We are also looking at rolling this out in India too.

Thanks for all your help with this solution!"
Michelle Griffiths - Business Process Manager
Havas Worldwide / Euro RSCG
Sydney, Australia
"We have been a very satisfied JetPCL Document Capture customer for over a year. Our need was to find a product that would eliminate scanning of printed documents to PDFs and instead allow PCL coming from a Unix back end to be converted to PDF and merged with a document overlay. We tested a couple of products and found that they did not work for us. We Demoed JetPCL and thanks to the help we received from Tech Know Systems, we were up and running very quickly.

During our time using the product, we have never had the need to contact support. JetPCL has become an indispensable part of our shipping department's business.

We really do love the product, it has been great fit for us."
Mark Gradoia - Systems Administrator
Centrix Dental, Inc.
Shelton, CT, USA
"I don’t know how many other labs are still using the old Target chromatography system from Thru-Put. The Target system was never fully ported from the old Unix code to a full Windows code. It used Exceed and MKS toolkit to bridge functionality to a Windows environment. Printing from Target to a PDF file was not possible.

After trying a number of solutions that never fully worked, I found JetPCL from Tech Know Systems. It simply worked right away. No font or graphics problems.

After talking with Tech Know Systems, we decided to have them write a custom post processing hook that would parse and rename the PDF capture file to a Promium Element LIMS configuration.
Now the analyst send their batch print jobs from Target to the JetPCL Document Capture printer instead of a physical printer, and the reports now show up in Promium Element data review just like they used to show up on the printer.

Promium Element labs that still use the Target system may be a small niche, but this product work for that group and the service from Tech Know Systems was excellent."
Jim Raney - IT Manager
PDC Laboratories, Inc.
Peoria, IL, USA
"The JetPCL Document Capture product is perfectly compatible with our Workwise software and is used in both our Customer Order Processing and Purchasing departments. We are now able to print our PCL backgrounds on our purchase orders and acknowledgements, email them directly to our customers, and file them all electronically. The JetPCL program is very easy to use and saves valuable time. Additionally, the customer service has been on top of any issues we’ve had. I strongly recommend this product if you are using a Workwise product and working to decrease and streamline the flow of paperwork in your business."
Shelly Judkins - Sales Engineer Manager
Milwaukee Bearing and Machining, Inc.
Menomonee Falls, WI, USA
"Hennepin County uses JetPCL Document Capture to capture print streams sent to us by a State of Minnesota system - turning what had been a paper report into an electronic version. Our staff requests a report from the state child support system. That system directs print output to printers at a county location, via a statewide virtual private network (VPN).

Child Support staff asked to replace the paper reporting with electronic documents for use in court processing and for general archiving and paperless efficiency. We were able to satisfy this request with remarkably little effort by using JetPCL Document Capture to emulate a PCL printer on our network. Modifications to the state system and the user experience were minimal.

Furthermore, when we needed technical help implementing this change into our electronic court filing system, Tech Know Systems was able to provide the consulting help we needed. We were able to involve Tech Know only when we needed them and, once a problem was clearly identified, we could move forward with our internal staff. A little help is all we needed to save a lot of internal time.

We enjoyed an excellent experience working with Tech Know Systems and the JetPCL product, and we have already suggested it to staff at other Minnesota counties with similar needs."
Holly Hanson - Pricipal IT Business Analyst
Hennepin County Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, USA
"At QuadraMed we use JetPCL with our QCPR product to convert reports into PDF files so that our users can work with them electronically. This allows them to be printed on any printer or stored in document management systems or emailed etc. Using JetPCL allowed us to modernize our product by adding PDF output quickly without having to re-write our whole application. Integration was easy with help from Tech Know Systems and technical support has be excellent."
Eric Jeffery - Sr. Manager, Advanced Technology Solutions
QuadraMed, a Harris Company
Reston, VA, USA
"I have elected to use JetPCL Document Capture as a PCL emulator for our global manufacturing company. The product easily handles a high volume of print jobs each day and has proven to be a reliable solution. I am running TCM v8.0 from WorkWise Inc for our ERP system. I was faced with a printing issue when using our ERP system over a cloud based architecture. JetPCL was able to close the gap and allow for the full function of the ERP's printing capabilities with the new architecture."
Joel Reffner - Director of Information Technology
Kuss Filtration
Findlay, OH, USA
"Tech Know Systems worked with us to customize a 'JetPCL Document Capture' product feature that would allow us to add index values so that the captured PDF files could be automatically indexed.

By emailing, auto indexing and electronic document imaging, we are going to save over $20,000 in printing and postage expense annually. I researched every PCL software that I could find and JetPCL was the only vendor that was within our budget, willing to customize their solution to fit our needs and provide great customer server."
Brenda Van Velkinburgh
AmFed - Chief Information Officer
Ridgeland, MS, USA
"Case Study:

I am providing a synopsis of our project at a high level so other Bottomline QuickChart customers can benefit from a similar JetPCL solution with regard to the Meditech battle we have experienced.

The attached pdf is an overview of the systems’ workings. The dotted lines are the current process we will eliminate with the JetPCL solution. The solid lines are the fully automated solution using JetPCL."
Jeremiah Klein
User Support Analyst
Grand Junction, CO, USA
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"Here at our hospital, we use JETPCL to move to a more paperless environment for our medical staff. It has helped provide us with online patient reports (PDFs) from our pharmacy and laboratory systems. It was very easy to install and implement with our existing HIS (hospital information system). The technical support was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process, including during our initial assessment - prior to purchase.

I recommend JETPCL with no reservations.

Thanks for an exceptional product!"
Tom P. - IT Systems Programmer
Little Company of Mary Hospital
Evergreen Park, IL, USA
"About 65% of the output of our company is complex statistical analyses ranging from the equivalent of one to several hundred 8.5 x 11 pages. For 6 years now, we have been using JetPCL software to 'print' those analyses - saving us computer and human time, paper, printing and mailing expense, and helping us serve our clients more quickly. Tech Know Systems has given us prompt and knowledgeable customer service and technical support when we (rarely) needed it. They are a good company with whom to be doing business."
Bernard L. Helm - President
Market Opportunity Research Enterprises
Rocky Mount, NC, USA
"ATI Flat Rolled Products has been using JetPCL from Tech Know Systems for many years to convert PCL-based documents generated from our mainframe systems into PDF files which are then fed into our document management system for long-term retention.

JetPCL has consistently performed our PCL-to-PDF conversions quickly and reliably. As new PDF options evolved into industry standards (auto-rotate, thumbnails, searchable text, etc.), JetPCL followed suit with the ability to activate these options with a simple tweak of its configuration file. Our use of embedded soft fonts within our PCL data streams, as well as some of our more complex PCL intensive documents are handled without issue by JetPCL.

JetPCL simply works!"
Marshall Stresky - Applications System Architect
ATI Flat Rolled Products
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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